ZoeDry® Spray


Umbilical cord Dry-Out-Cicatrizant       


It is content is a solution having an adverse effect on the growth environment of microorganisms around wounds, and promoting drying of umbilical cord and formation of cicatrizant tissue in 8 hours.



Causing umbilical cord end to dry and drop, in order for protection of new born animals.

By entering into cells via simple diffusion, it reacts with enzymes and burst cytoplasm open, resulting in dehydration of wound area; eventually it promotes rapid drying and healing of wounds.

Application Mode & Dose

Prior to application, remove any residues thereon. Spray to every point of navel cord in the first 30 minutes after birth; another application may be applied 12 hours after the first application.,

Storage Conditions and Shelf Life: Store at +5 to +25 °C. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Shelf life is 36 months after the production date.

Commercial Presentation: In plastic spray bottles of 75 ml, 250 ml ve 450 ml

Non-Medical Veterinary Product

Registration Date:18.09.2019 – 10/099



%1,70 Contains Sodium Hydroxide, %1,70 Sodium Bicarbonate, %0,50 Sodium Chloride, %20 EDTA and %0,60 Disodium Salts (w/w).