Boviferm Plus

Liquid, Electrolyte Source Diarrhoea Cure    IMPORTED FROM GERMANY

It is a special purpose feed, supplemented with vegetal content, which is also used as an energy source in the reconstitution of liquid and electrolyte balance, which is lost at the beginning of the feeding-related diarrhoea


The herbal contents (anise, fennel, daisy extract) has an effect that relieves intestinal spasms, gas extracting, stool consistency enhancer (rice flour-xanthom). Vitamin E and vitamin E stimulate the immune system. The contained buffer substances eliminate the negative effect of enhancing the diarrhoea. Prevents rumen acidosis. Demonstrates supplementary activity for the calves with digestible carbohydrates as energy source. With banana particles inside, the need for potassium is provided for the calves, at the other hand it is easily consumed by the calves with its aromatic character. While the Probiotic inside (Enterococcus faceium) is working for the intestinal flora to be regulated, at the other hand, it prevents pathogenic microbes to enter the intestine.

Usage Area and Dose: Until the digestive system of the calves are in balance; 115 g pack is dissolved in 2 L water or 0,5 to 4 L milk or calf feed, and is fed to the calves in morning and evening through oral route. No restriction should be made to the milk and water needed by the calf during the diarrhoea. Boviferm Plus has the ability to remove milk’s negative effect of triggering diarrhoea. For this reason, feeding the calf with milk or calf feed is not a problem. Thus, the calf is not deprived of the nutritional values it provides.


Raw Oil: 0,5% Raw Protein: 4,0% Raw Fibre: 1,4% .

Sodium – Potassium – Chlorides – Glucose – Enterococcus

  1. – Banana / Daisy anise / Fennel / Rice flour – A and E vitamins.

Storage Conditions and Shelf Life: It should be stored below 25°C.

Shelf life is 24 months from the date of manufacture.

Commercial Presentation Form: Was offered to sale in packages of 115 g sachets and 24 sachets.

Dietetic Feed Registration Date: 18/12/2013 34-I-140