Bioferments, Probiotics

New Generation Biological Nutritional Product

It protects from diarrhea, and provides full support to its treatment.

Protect Digestive System; Protect All Body


Shortage of clostrum, antibiotics, vaccinations, intestinal illness, change to feed, climatical changes, transport stress and other environmental changes cause disorder of normal flora.



  • Bioferment product contains ingredients beneficial to intestinal health such as:
  • 1- Organic ingredients, obtained by degradation of proteins, fat, and carbohydrates. 2- Bioferment bacteria.   3-
  • These 3 ingredients combine and facilitate a growth culture (broth) suitable for probiotics in intestines.
  • Thereby, it forms a mucus covering intestinal surfaces.
  • IN CONCLUSION, this bioferment increases growth of microorganisms producing mucus, protecting intestinal surfaces creating a growth culture available for beneficial bacteria in intestines.
  • It inhibits proliferation and growth of pathogens (Lactic acid and Hydrogen peroxide).
  • It promotes rumen and intestinal flora. It increases Ig’s. It fortifies immune system.
  • It quickens transition to coarse fodder, and promotes feed conversion rate and live weight gain.


Functional Group: Nutritions


Probiotics (1010 CFU/g) (%1)

Bioferments (50%): The metabolites of the following flora.

İnactive yeast Carriers %30

Lactose free whey powder %19

CFU: Clolony Forming Unit

Usage and Dosage: Its probiotic and bioferment content boost digestive and immune systems. Vitality increases if it is fed to newborn calves as 10 g and to lambs and goat kids as 5 g once a day for 45 to 60 days as of the 2nd day of birth. It promotes diarrhea treatment if fed to ruminants suffering diarrhea at 2-fold doses twice a day.


Warnings & Adverse Effects: When added to drinking water, water must not contain chlorine over 0.6 ppm/L. It must be fed at least 2 hours before or after antibiotic administration.

Storage Conditions: Keep in cool and dry places away from direct sunlight.

Most Proper Usage: Must be used within 18 months as of the production date.

Packaging: 10 g x 30 ad (units), 50 g x 10 ad (units)