Zoetrizan® Spray

Epitelizan – Wound Care

It helps treatment of surgical wounds, bruises, major cracks, bite wounds, chronically non-healing injuries, and skin defects of cattle, horses, cats, and dogs.

It prevents tissue losses. It eliminates teat fıssures.


Çitosan ensures epithelization, antisepsis, and discarding of infarcted tissues. It accelerates healing of surgical wounds, fistula wounds, fracture wounds, etc. It promotes formation of gralunoma. It provides this effect by stimulating angiogenesis (vein formation).

Chlorhexidine, staying on wounds for long time, prevents wound getting reinfected, ensuring wound cleansing. It maintains this protective efficacy on wound for about 6 hours.

It promotes treatment of fungal infections.

Due to its organic acid content, it makes the environment acidic, and accordingly, inhibits microbial growth.

It shortens the process of healing of surgical scar tissue due to its structure suitable to sutured scars.

It may also be used on bleeding wounds.


Mode and dose of administration: It is applied over entire wound 2-3 times daily only after wound cleansing and removing any remnants thereon. Application should continue every day until complete healing.

Storage Conditions and Shelf Life: Provided to store sealed in its original packaging in the range of 5° to +30° C, the shelf life is 24 months starting from the date of production.

Commercial Presentation: Available in colored transparent plastic spray bottles of 75 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml and 450 ml without a carton container.

Non-Medical Veterinary Product

Registration Date: 08.10.2018 – 9/073

Composition: 1% chlorhexidine gluconate, 1% chitosan, 2% glycerin, 1% monopropylene glycol