ZoeTox® Ruminant


Organic Mineral

Diatomaceous Earth


A calcined, amorphous silica organic mineral of a unique micronized formula, formed as result of fossilization of sea algae.



Silica (SiO2) is an important element in the bodies of all animals. Diatomaceous containing high percentage of silica helps to fortifying digestive system. It promotes full utilization of iron in body and absorption of calcium; it has favorable effect in prenatal stage and in particular, in aged animals (on osteoporosis).


Facilitating slippage and removal of feces, it cleans intestines completely.

Due to its property of odor and moisture elimination, it reduces odor and moisture in feces and urine within 5 to 7 days.

Lacking any chemical property, it is a natural product with no toxic effect.

Since the products does not proliferate bacteria in itself, it does not allow any microbial growth wherever it is.

(Note: If the knuckles of plated or antenna pests such as lice, fleas, ticks, roaches gets in contact with Diatomaceous powder, when they wander around, it causes locking of joints and when forced, to hemorrhage; due to its high water absorption feature, it absorbs blood and synovial fluid, and limits the activity of pests in 48 hours.)


Functional Group: Nutrients

Tanımlayıcı Numaralar / Descriptive Numbers Aktif madde / Active Ingredient Katkı adı / Additives Premiksdeki düzey (1 kg’da) / Premix level (per kilogram) Birimler / Units
Teknolojik yem katkı maddeleri / Technological feed additives
E551c Diatomaceous Earth Diatomaceous Earth 1,000 g

Usage and Dosage:

It is used for providing organic mineral need and regulating digestion in cattle, sheep, goats, and calves. It is applicable by sprinkling over feed or by mixing in drinking water for 5-7 days. 40 g for cattle, 20 g for sheep, goats, and calves, 10 g for lambs and goat kids.

In practice, 3-4 kg /1-ton feed (One full cap measures 20 g).

Warnings & Adverse Effects: Goggles, gloves, and face mask must be used for safety during application.


Storage Conditions and Shelf Life: Keep in dry places at cool room temperature away from humidity.

Shelf life is 48 months after the production date.

Commercial Presentation: Marketed in 200 g packages, 400 g plastic jars, and 15 kg craft bags.